SARASOTA, Fla. -- “Any trash need to throw away?” Ryan Murphy asks a visitor on Lido Beach.

Murphy is the Operations Manager with North County Beaches and Water Access for Sarasota County and has spent the weekend handing out yellow trash bags on Lido, Siesta and Venice beaches.

County workers have given out 15-hundred yellow trash bags given out this Labor Day weekend as part of the county’s “Pack In, Pack Out” program to keep beaches clean.

When those bags ran out on Lido Beach county workers gave out traditional trash bags.

“I asked for a yellow bag, I thought it was a great idea,” says Leo Dominguez who loves going to Siesta Beach.

Leo says, “One of the reasons we come here is it’s a clean beach. We like to help keep it that way.”

But not everyone does their part and that upsets Loann Rodrigues.

Loann says, “We see people don’t pick up their own stuff. We think that’s disrespectful.”

Even today with all the trash bags handed out, the extra dumpsters and extra trash cans, there were still full cigarette butts, cigars and other beverage bottles on the beach.

Loann says, “They leave it on the sand because of laziness.”

By using the yellow bags or any trash bags, county workers say you’re not only helping keep our beaches clean, but you’re also protecting our wildlife like nesting turtles and seabirds.

“Trash, plastic bags, cigarette butts can very easily be mistaken for food by turtles and birds,” says Ryan.

Sarasota County park officials say the trash bag idea is catching on.

They noticed some beach goers packing their own trash bags during the July 4th weekend....and many more people did it this Labor Day weekend.

Leo says, “It’s everybody’s responsibility want to enjoy a clean environment have to do our part.”