TAMPA, FL -- Foodies, restaurant-goers, anyone who likes to eat out. Popular website Yelp already provides you with reviews on restaurants.

But, a new feature will provide even more information, something business owners aren’t happy about.

Our content partners at the Tampa Bay Times report inspection records are now highlighted on the site for about 40,000 eateries in Florida. The reports are posted near the hours, menu and price range section.

The Times interviewed Luther Lowe, vice president of public policy for Yelp. "The data is sitting in .gov servers that few people ever visit," he said.

"We believe that data should be out in the open for everyone to see it."

They also spoke to owners of restaurants, who think this could unfairly skew customer’s views.

"The truth is everyone gets dinged for something," Jeff Mount told them, owner of Wright's Gourmet House in South Tampa. "You hope consumers are savvy enough to understand what is a serious problem and what is an everyday thing."

So, how will this change your view of local restaurants?

Would a bad inspection stop you from going to your favorite place to grab a bite?

10 News went out to downtown St. Pete around lunch time to see what impact it would have.

Reporter: why is it important to you to see a restaurant’s health inspection first?

Evelyn Lawrence: well, I want to know that the environment is clean and I’m not going to get sick as a result of eating food there.

Reporter: Yelp! has posted the health inspections, do you think that’s a good idea?

Mike Kennedy: I think that’s an excellent idea. Excellent.

David McLaughlin: I think that’s something that should be on there, yeah.

Evelyn: oh yes, I think so because that improves the quality of the restaurant.

Reporter: if they had a few things wrong would that dictate whether you go in or not?

Mike: if they were minor, but if they looked like they failed a food inspection that would concern me.

David: I mean yeah definitely to some degree. I mean wouldn’t take it too seriously, maybe for just minor things. But, yeah for severe things definitely.