We've all heard the stories about the health benefits of yoga, but what about doing yoga with goats and other farm animals?

Yep, you read that right and it's a real thing-- yoga with goats and it's available in the Tampa Bay area.

It's exactly how it sounds-- a yoga class with different types of farm animals, including two goats named Ollie and Marbles. All the animals all have open access to the guests during their practice.

Fallen Oak Farms is nestled in Valrico and the class is offered on Saturdays with kids yoga on Wednesdays.

Shelley Fehrenbacher bought the farm two years ago and started the yoga in February. She says they wanted to share their farm with the community and a friend suggested the goats would be perfect for yoga.

10News morning team, Allison Kropff and Hilary Zalla had to check it out for themselves:

If you are interested in a class, you can visit their website for information and registration.