FISHHAWK, Fla. (WTSP) – Sometimes the smallest people can make the biggest difference. Case in point: Addison Kapustiak, a 9-year-old girl who lives with a rare disease called TRAPS syndrome.

Kapustiak goes to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital every other week to receive infusion treatments and recently noticed the prize closet, where kids go to pick out a toy when their treatment is finished, was down to almost nothing.

"Really just Happy Meal toys and stuff. Like, baby toys and stuff that I don't like,” said Addison, describing what she found.

But instead of being disappointed about her choices, Addison was sad for all the other children at the hospital.

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"It made her really sad for the other kids that they weren't going to have anything to pick from,” said Alice Kapustiak, Addison’s mother. “So she went, for her birthday, she had a birthday party and invited her friends and asked for toys for the hospital rather than for herself."

And the effort has only continued to grow. Kapustiak now has a name for her project: “Sending Smiles” and a Facebook page to help coordinate donations. She’s already made a handful of deliveries to the hospital, and is gearing up for a large-scale toy drop just before Christmas. Not only that, but she hopes the project will roll on past the holiday and become a year-round effort.