Zephyrhills, Florida -- Some Zephyrhills High School students are planning a sit-in to protest a new policy of students needing an escort to visit the bathroom.

Kaitlyn and Kylee-Ann Witzke say on Tuesday school administrators announced a major change to the high school's bathroom policy.

Students must be escorted by an administrator and they can't be excused in the first or last 10 minutes of class.

According to the principal, there was an issue with students hanging out in the halls during class and some were causing trouble.

The sisters say either way the policy is disruptive to class time and embarrassing.

"I feel like I'm either being treated like a toddler or a prison inmate. We don't have any sort of freedom to even use the bathroom without someone holding our hands," said Kaitlyn Witzke, a junior.

"The student body as a whole shouldn't be punished and shouldn't have to worry about being uncomfortable at school because of a couple bad eggs," said Kylee-Ann Witzke, a senior.

Students also say some of them had to wait to be escorted to the bathroom because there weren't enough administrators to monitor students.

The girls and other students have planned a sit-in for Friday in the commons area of the high school.