HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. -- A television that was too loud may have instigated a series of events that led deputies to discovering a marijuana growing operation at a Brandon home.

Deputies responded to a complaint about a possible domestic disturbance at 725 Chilt Drive around 4:54 a.m. Monday morning and smelled the "strong odor of marijuana" emanating from the home.

When deputies interviewed occupants Barbara Wilson, 42, and Eduardo Estevez, 34, they learned that instead of a domestic dispute, the person who called 911 may have heard a loud television, according to HIllsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Eduardo Estevez Aguilera and Barbara Wilson

Despite the origin of the call, deputies conducted a search of the property after they received a court-ordered warrant. They found that the garage was converted into a grow house. In addition to the marijuana, a Tampa Electric employee who was called to the scene found that the residence had an illegal electrical hookup.

According to the report, three children were inside the house during the search.

Deputies recovered 18.35 pounds of marijuana with an estimated value of $36,700. TECO also estimated the electricity theft at $5,185.70.

Both Wilson and Estevez were arrested and charged with possession of cannabis, grand theft in the third degree, manufacture of cannabis and three counts of child neglect.