HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. -- When a Lithia resident noticed a suspicious drawing that appeared to have a picture of a bomb, he immediately alerted police.

It happened at the McDonalds at 16701 Fishhawk Blvd, near Newsome High school on Monday.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says two juveniles created a drawing of the Newsome High School courtyard area. The drawing depicted a picture of a bomb within the courtyard.

Surveillance video was obtained from the McDonald's which showed the teens walking away from the table, and leaving the drawing on top of the table, as well as a manual for an unknown type firearm.

Hillsborough officials say while the teens admitted they only wanted to get reaction from whomever found it, the person who called police did the right thing.

“You never know when these bomb threats will be real or not, so it’s important to let us know, says Public Information Officer for the county, Larry McKinnon.

The witness was concerned that someone had placed or is going to place a bomb in the courtyard area of Newsome High School.

Both juveniles were arrested and taken into custody on felony charges.

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