WINTER HAVEN, Fla. -- A man who has not taken medication for his diabetic condition was reported missing Wednesday afternoon.

Police are searching for Robert Warran Walpole, Jr., who was last seen by his father on November 7. He was reportedly not taking his medication for the past two weeks and acted out of character.

His father said that on the date of November 7, Walpole tried to commandeer his father's car from the passenger seat when he believed that his father was not taking him to where he wanted to go. The father was able to maintain control and pull over and Walpole exited the vehicle and has not been seen since.

The man was last seen wearing only grey cargo shorts. He could be in the company of his girlfriend Jaime.

If you have information on Walpole, contact WHPD Det. William Kenna at 863-401-2256 or call 911.