PEARL RIVER, La. -- A Northshore man, who's been missing for a month, has been found dead.

The family of 58-year-old Gerald Oster, Jr. was informed Saturday morning that his body has been at the Orleans Parish Coroner's Office since March 22, four days after he was last seen alive.

Reports say he was found dead in the driveway of an abandoned home on S. Miro in Broadmoor.  The Coroner's Office told the family they had been trying to inform them of the death for weeks, by phone.  Autopsy results revealed Oster died of natural causes, but it is believed drug use was a contributing factor.

Friday, Eyewitness News reported that Oster's car was found earlier this week in the 7th Ward, full of bullet holes and shell casings.  In our report, Pearl River Police took issue with New Orleans Police downplaying the discovery as a possible connection to other crimes in the city.

But an hour after NOPD was made aware of the criticism, the two agencies were actively working together on the case.

The investigation continues into how Oster, and his car, ended up where they did.