She used to wear size 24 jeans. Now, Heather Robertson of Lakeland can fit into one leg of them.

In 2006, Robertson weighed 313 pounds.

“I couldn't go on roller coaster rides. I couldn't sit in theater seats comfortably,” she explained. “I mean, I truly had to question, 'Will I fit into this chair?'”

After years of dieting, losing weight, then gaining it back, she finally said enough is enough. Robertson started to exercise and eat healthier, and by 2012 she'd lost 170 pounds.

“When I had those kinds of limitations, it's like you have handcuffs on you all the time,” she said. “I'm free now.”

After she'd lost the weight, she started a podcast called Half Size Me. Sharing her story was motivation to keep the weight off.

“The podcast was a way for me to tell other people, 'Hey, this is possible. It's doable, and you don't have to do anything crazy or extreme,’” she said.

The podcast has turned into a full-blown business. Robertson has created an online community and written books. She even does one-on-one coaching. With the help of her husband, it’s a full time job.

“He left Publix to come work with me, and it has just grown and grown and grown,” she said.

Robertson wants people to know, there's no secret to weight loss. She says if you change small habits, eventually you’ll change your lifestyle.

“If I can save one person some time from doing what I did, and I can shorten the lifespan of that yo-yo diet cycle that we were talking about, I feel like it's well worth my time and my energy,” she explained.

Thousands of people listen to Robertson's podcast. She's says she's heard from people as far away as Europe and Australia who have been inspired by her story. If you want to listen in, new episodes come out every week.