HUNTSVILLE, Alab. - A young man out of Alabama A&M University is stepping up to feed his classmates in need.

20-year-old Justin Franks is a student who is already juggling a lot himself, trying to get an education, working a job, but somehow he found a way to start an on campus food pantry for classmates who are running low on funds to keep themselves well-fed.

He says he was inspired to start this on-campus food bank after finding out some students at his school were skipping meals or going to bed hungry because there just wasn't enough money to go around. And even though he didn't have much himself, he took $40, a little bit of faith and started up the Foster Complex Food Pantry-- and the reponse was overwhelming.

He posted about it on Facebook and the project took on new life.

The story has been shared hundreds of times and donations started pouring in.

Even though this story is out of Alabama, food insecurity is actually a big issue for many college students across the nation. A study shows that more than 40 percent of students surveyed cut the size of their meals becuase there wasn't enough money for food.