North Korea said Monday it will launch “thousands-fold” revenge against the United States, after the United Nations imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang for its nuclear and missile programs.

The statement came after the U.N. Security Council unanimously approved tough new U.S.-sponsored sanctions Saturday, including a ban on coal and other exports worth over $1 billion.

"We are ready to retaliate with far bigger actions to make the U.S. pay a price for its crime against our country and people," the reclusive nation warned via the official Korean Central News Agency.

It said it would take a "stern action of justice."

North Korea regularly makes flamboyant threats against the U.S. and the West.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his North Korean counterpart Ri Yong Ho both attended a meeting of foreign ministers in Manila on Sunday, but avoided any direct contact. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi publicly admonished North Korea to abide by the new sanctions.

“Do not violate the U.N.’s decision or provoke international society’s goodwill by conducting missile launching or nuclear tests,” Wang said he told Ri.

Ri did not respond publicly. North Korea's Rodong Sinmun news website published a commentary dismissing the sanctions as "cooked up by the U.S.," adding that "the U.S. mainland is on the crossroads of life and death."

North Korea has launched more than a dozen test missiles this year. Concerns were heightened last month when Pyongyang test-fired two intercontinental ballistic missiles analysts said were capable of reaching the U.S. mainland.

Contributing: John Bacon and Thomas Maresca