For the first time Thursday, we’re getting a firsthand look at what first responders saw the night they showed up on scene at the Orlando nightclub moments after a gunman opened fire.

The shooting left 49 people dead.

The video released is body cam video from the University of Central Florida Police Department.

“You’re not on scene yet are you?” a dispatcher radios to a UCF officer.

UCF police raced to the Pulse nightclub the morning a man opened fire inside to help Orlando police already on scene.

“Are you sweeping Rajun Cajun?” an officer asks on body cam video.

UCF K-9 officers helped sweep the area for bombs, including other Orlando gay nightclubs within hours of when the shooting occurred.

“He’s still inside and there’s people in there with him,” says another officer.

You can also hear radio traffic and officer’s talking about family members who were getting text messages from their loved ones who were trapped inside.

“I’m with someone texting someone who is in the bathroom inside. Suspect says he is going to put four vests on 4 people in 15-20 minutes to different directions in the club,” says an officer.

Hours before the video was released, a phone call came into 911 dispatch saying that the nightclub Thursday once again became a crime scene. Somebody pryed a door open and broke in.

“I have no idea who did this. Some sick individual did this,” a caller told a 911 dispatcher.

Pulse nightclub was turned over to the owners from police hours before the break in.