One photographer had a fantastic view lined up to see the Georgia Dome implosion...or so they thought.

As the first blast went off Monday morning and smoke signaled the start of the Atlanta landmark's demolition, a city MARTA bus drove into the photographer's view...and decided to stick around for a bit.

"Bus! Get out of the way bus," the photographer can be heard shouting in the background of The Weather Channel video.

But their wishful pleas would go unanswered.

With the bus blocking the majority of the view, the Georgia Dome came down in a matter of seconds and smoke filled the background.

Thankfully there were plenty of other views not blocked by a bus.

Sadly, this isn't the first time a bus epically photobombed a demolition. Basically the same thing happened in 2016 during the demolition of a 24-story high rise in Glasgow.

At the time, some called it the 'greatest photobomb of all time,' but there's a case for that title belonging to Atlanta now.

In a statement Monday, MARTA said: "Given the potential dangers associated with imploding the largest structure of its kind in the world, we’re glad that this is the only news to come from the day. We appreciate our media partners, especially the Weather Channel team, and apologize for unwittingly eclipsing their camera shot. More importantly, we’re proud of the more than 5,000 MARTA employees who make certain our passengers have a safe reliable transit option today and every day."