FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. -- Sheriff Barry Babb was suspicious.

It was after 4:00 a.m. Friday, less than two hours after a woman had called 911 when she found three men inside her Fayette County mansion. They were standing over her bleeding husband. Their car, a gray Lexus, had lead police on a 130 mph chase before ending in a crunch of metal.

The two suspects inside the crashed car ran for the woods.

Rain kept helicopters grounded, so deputies set up a wide perimeter. Traffic checkpoints were in place, hoping to capture the men before they slipped away. A third suspect, driving an unknown getaway car, was already in the wind.

A silver Chevrolet sedan drove up to one of the checkpoints.

The woman behind the wheel told deputies she was a Lyft driver on her way to pick up a customer inside the perimeter.

"Just a little bit of investigation led us to believe this may be one of our suspects trying to leave the scene," Sheriff Babb said.

"She was operating a silver Chevrolet sedan. I drive a silver Chevrolet sedan. So, what we basically did was, we did a Trojan horse," Sheriff Babb said.

A Trojan horse so successful, Greek soldiers themselves would have been impressed.

Sheriff Babb and three deputies piled into his car and followed directions from the Lyft driver to the pickup location. A man wearing dark clothing walked up to the car and was about to get in, when the deputies spilled out. He ran back towards the thick woods, but only got 100 yards before deputies took him into custody.

"That made it unique, that we worked that fast." Sheriff Babb said. "That was a first time for us."

Just before dawn, deputies tracked down the second suspect, no Trojan horse needed. The third suspect remains on the run.

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