There are new charges against a USF football player who had been charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Today, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office announced new sexual battery and false imprisonment charges from a separate incident against LaDarrius Jackson.

He has been bonded out of jail Wednesday.

The new charges are from an encounter with a woman at her home on March 27. Investigators say Jackson was there when the woman was in the bathroom. They say he entered and asked her to shower with him. She said no.

She reportedly tried to wash her hair in an attempt to appease Jackson. That’s when investigators say Jackson grabbed her and began taking off her clothes and sexually battered her.

Afterward, detectives say Jackson had her drive him to a nearby pharmacy to get an emergency contraceptive, which he made her take in front of him. Then he reportedly dropped her off.

Jackson turned himself into authorities on Wednesday.

Jackson had originally been charged with sexual battery stemming from an incident on May 1, when he allegedly committed sexual battery against a woman on campus. Police say Jackson and the woman, in that case, were acquaintances. Jackson was charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment.