TAMPA BAY -- “That's a huge number,” says Akhos Cauduro of Tampa.

A huge reaction reaction from Akhos Cauduro when he realizes how many guns have been stolen from cars in the Bay Area so far this year.

“If you have a gun, pay more attention to it,” says Cauduro.

Since January 2015, 220 guns have been stolen from cars in Hillsborough county. 174 in Pinellas County and in St. Pete there were 278.

“Since Oct. 26, 2015, there were 26 guns stolen,” says Sgt. Timothy Downes, with the Clearwater Police Department.

Sgt. Timothy Downes says just this week three guns have been stolen out of unlocked cars in the city.

“76% of the time the guns are stolen from unlocked cars,” says Sgt. Downes.

But 10News has learned if a gun is stolen from an unlocked car, nothing happens to the owner. In fact, if a crime is later committed with that gun, the original owner won't face charges.

“It’s dangerous for everyone out there. If you have a gun because you’re concerned about safety, go that extra step and lock your vehicle. Be responsible. Secure it somewhere or lock your vehicle,” says Downes.

Police hope these shocking numbers will shock gun owners into keeping their guns locked up.