TROY, Ohio (WKBN) – The act of kindness by an Ohio State Trooper for a man who just lost a family member is making the rounds on websites across the country.

Mark Ross learned that his teen sister had been killed in a car accident last weekend and wanted to be with his family. He was able to get someone to drive him from Indiana to Detroit at 3 a.m. Sunday.

While speeding through Ohio, the vehicle Ross was in was pulled over by Trooper J. Davis. The driver was arrested for an outstanding warrant and the vehicle was towed.

Another trooper, Sergeant David Robison, arrived and offered to help.

Ross broke down in tears and the officer responded by reaching over and praying over Ross and his family. He then offered to take Ross the 100 miles to his family in Detroit.

“As I was getting out of the car he just reached over and said ‘Mark, can I pray for you?’ I said sure go ahead I need it. He said one of the most meaningful heartfelt prayers,” Ross said.

Ross and his family said they are grateful for Trooper Robison’s act of kindness and generosity.