ST. PETERSBURG, Fla -- Plastic bags -- we can’t seem to get rid of them.

“30-50 of them,” says Kaitlen Long from St. Petersburg.

Nick Zysk says he has more around “50 –75 of them.”

“I have 500 of them,” says Daniel Lemay.

Where does he keep them?

“Inside another bag a bigger bag in a cloth bag,” says Daniel.

How much do they depend on plastic bags?

Kaitlen says, “Every day!”

“Taking wet clothes from my daughters at the beach…picking up my dog’s stuff,” says Nick.

“Bringing lunch to work putting stuff away,” adds Daniel.

What if plastic bags were banned? The city of Coral Gables near Miami is considering it next week for retailers and at city events. California banned plastic bags after voters decided by 52% in November.

Other major cities joined the ban like LA, Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago.

“There’s no reason for plastic bags except convenience,” says David Hastings, PhD, marine science professor at Eckerd College.

Hasting says the bags are not environmentally friendly.

Hasting says, “Plastic lasts forever. When we dissect marine life we find plastic in their intestine.they’re eating it, not getting any substance.”

He adds, “To you and I we can distinguish a jellyfish from plastic. Sea life can’t.”

Even though we see plastic bags littering roads, Florida has had a law banning the ban of plastic bags since 2008. Proposed legislation would exempt coastal communities with fewer than 100,000 people.

Nick says, “I think it’s a good idea for the environment.”

Daniel adds, “I feel it’s okay…should ban them across the world.”

Instead of a plastic bag a more earth friendly alternative is a recycle bag made out of canvas or nylon. They cost from a dollar to two dollars for the trendier ones. But remember to take it with you next time you shop.

“I have cloth ones I just don’t use them, shame on me,” says Daniel.

Hastings has a better solution. He says, “Just charge for them. We pay for everything pay for that plastic bag.”

Would shoppers pay for plastic bag?

“No probably not,” says Nick.

“No not worth it,” adds Kaitlen.

Daniel says, “I’d pay for a cloth one.”

“We should charge a bit for plastic bags then use would go way down and that’s what we are after,” says Hastings.