TAMPA -- It’s been 7 years since Oakley, a 9-year-old Golden Lab/Poodle mix made his TV debut in a PBS documentary “Through A Dog’s Eyes.” However, it appears Oakley’s celebrity status is just reaching its peak.

Oakley is a service dog who was one of 15 canines chosen for Milk-Bone dog treat's third annual list of “Dogs Who Changed the World.” This nationwide search is designed to find four-legged heroes who impact individuals and communities.

Oakley is a graduate of Canine Assistance school where he was paired up with Chase Wilson, a 14-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy.

"Oakley means a whole lot to me, he’s basically my best friend, besides my brother,” said Chase.

Besides being trained to help Chase walk, pick things up and even take off a sock or two, Oakley also has a way of calming Chase down, “when you pet him you have a calming sense of serenity almost like you’re meditating.”

Lisa Parish, Chase’s mother, says Oakley also helped change the way others look at her son, “people look past the boys and their disabilities and the see the child.”

It’s for reasons like these that Oakley is a “Dog Who Changed the World.”