When a 10-year-old boy’s bike was stolen, Pasco Sheriff's Office was able to raise enough money for a new bike to help him with his physical therapy.

Corporal Meddaugh responded to a petit theft call and learned two bicycles were stolen from under a car port of the residence. One of the bikes stolen belongs to a young boy who had a serious medical condition which resulted in a major surgery to his left leg. He used the bicycle as part of physical therapy.

Corporal Meddaugh was outraged the suspects involved would steal a bike from the 10-year-old. After the call, Meddaugh reached out to his fellow squad members and told them about the situation and his decision to purchase a new bike. He was able to purchase a new bicycle with contributions from fellow members of Squad 7. The officer purchased the new bike from Wal-Mart and delivered it to the young boy and his family.

The Pasco Sheriff's Office shared the story on their Facebook page after the good deed. The family was very appreciative of the kind gesture and thanked them for it.

Meddaugh is actively working leads to develop a prosecutable case against those responsible for stealing the bike.