LAKE WALES, Fla. (WTSP) -- People who live in the Country Oaks neighborhood in Lake Wales are getting ready for Hurricane Matthew. They’re testing their generators, bringing in outdoor plants and furniture, and stocking up on bottled water.

“After Hurricane Charley and we had 11 days with no power, I want to be prepared,” Bob Mishael said.

Mishael learned the hard way just how powerful Mother Nature's wrath can be.

"I lost most of my fence, I lost a lot of trees,” he said. “My neighbor next door lost all the shingles and all the tarpaper off his roof."

The deadly storm tore down so many trees, Mishael’s neighbor Fran Gerlosky could get out of her home only through her bedroom window.

"It is bringing back a lot of memories you kind of tucked behind,” Gerlosky said.

As another powerful pounds the East Coast of Florida, people here are glad they're not directly in Matthew's path.

"I feel for them. I really do,” Gerlosky said. “We're lucky to be on the interior. Right in the center of the state."

They also know how tough it'll be for those hit hardest by the storm to rebuild.

"It's terrible,” Mishael said. “You can't fix what's broken. It just takes time."

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