PHOENIX - The suspect in an Wednesday morning Ahwatukee murder led police on a high-speed pursuit across Phoenix roadways Wednesday.

The pursuit ended shortly after the driver of a yellow Corvette went off I-17 in north Phoenix as a police vehicle rammed the Corvette into a traffic light pole after it spun out. Police have confirmed that there were shots fired and the suspect was injured. Police surrounded the vehicle before dragging the suspect out.

Police have not given any information about the suspect's condition, though a tarp was put over the driver's body.

No officers were hurt, police said.

Aerial footage showed the Corvette was on fire as fire crews doused it in water.

Aerial footage showed the Corvette headed north on I-17 passed the Loop 101 just after 1:30 p.m. The driver got off the freeway on Jomax Road around 1:40 p.m after heading back south on I-17.

The car weaved through traffic and at times was on the wrong side of the roadway, driving into oncoming traffic.

Police have not identified the suspect yet.