LAKELAND, Fla. (WTSP) -- The Lakeland Police Department is hoping to crack down on speeding in the city with a new initiative called “Slow Your Roll.”

It’s an old school response to the common problem of people driving too fast: a speed trap.

However, it’s how the department is doing it that’s getting people’s attention.

They post on Facebook exactly when and where they’ll be doing it. Once they’re there, they broadcast live, showing as cars get pulled over.

Despite the warning and the live video, drivers still got caught. The department said they wrote 111 speeding tickets in just three hours along Cleveland Heights Boulevard on Tuesday.

“I think that people are in a rush. This whole world is in a hurry,” Sgt. Gary Gross said. “They just need to take a breath and slow down.”

So far, the feedback has been mostly positive. People appreciate the heads up, and some even comment other places where they can catch speeders.

“We take that and we make a list, and that's what we're going to take into consideration when we do this again,” Gross said.