CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Clayton County Police said a murder suspect in the death of a high school football player is in custody.

Cedric Clark was found dead from a gunshot wound near the side of a home near Charles Drew High School the morning of November 2.

On Wednesday, Clayton County police identified 16-year-old Stanley Dixon as the shooter in the death, and said he was thought to be with his father, Stanley Brooks, a convicted robber and drug dealer.

By 6 p.m., Brooks had turned his son in, according to the Clayton County Sheriff's Office.

"Stanley Brooks did the right thing and brought in his son, Stanley Dixon, turning him over to Clayton County authorities," the sheriff's office said.

On Wednesday, authorities went into more detail about the events that led to the shooting.

On Nov. 1, police said that Stanley Dixon and a 16-year-old were involved in a physical altercation at Charles Drew High. The two planned to fight after school, but that never happened.

Later that night, Cedric Clark and the 16-year-old were walking in the Eagles Crossings Subdivision. As the two arrived on Eagles Feather Lane, Dixon ran into the street and began firing a gun. Clark was struck at least once and died a short distance later in the rear of a house.

Police said Cedric Clark was found dead from a gunshot wound in the backyard of a home near Charles Drew High School around 8 a.m.

A homeowner discovered his body the next morning.

Dixon was interviewed by authorities and taken to jail. According to police, all parties involved seemed to have "some sort of gang affiliation."

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