JUPITER, Fla. -- Police in Jupiter, Florida, have released the dashcam video of Tiger Woods' arrest for DUI over the holiday weekend.

The dashcam video shows an unsteady Tiger Woods struggling to execute field sobriety tests early Monday morning in Jupiter.

Police ask Woods, "Do you remember being asleep at the wheel? No. You don't?"

Police found the champion golfer asleep at the wheel of his black Mercedes.

The left brake light was on and right turn signal was flashing. Both driver's side tires were flat and the rims were damaged.

Once out of the car, Woods had a hard time keeping his eyes open. Officers asked him to recite the alphabet as part of the sobriety test.

Two breathalyzer tests showed his blood alcohol level at zero. But Woods was arrested on DUI after stating afterward he had an unexpected reaction to a mix of prescription medications, including Vicodin.

The 41-year-old has been recovering from his fourth back surgery.

Woods received two citations - driving under the influence and illegal parking. His first court appearance is scheduled for July 5th.

If convicted, Woods faces a possible thousand-dollar fine and up to six months in jail.