So here’s the thing: yes there are checks and balances -- which limit the amount of power one branch can have -- but this is why people are worried, the republicans now control both the executive and legislative branches.

Let's remember that vacant spot in the Supreme Court that could be filled by a conservative.

This means it could make it easier for President-elect Trump to change policies.

“If we remember during this election process, the Republicans started to campaign with the idea that Hillary was going to win, so they were saying put republicans in the legislative seats, in the house and Senate because we want to have a checks and balance on her. Well now they not only have that, but now they have a republican president,” says 10News Political expert Dr. Lars Hafner.

Hafner says this situation wipes out a true checks and balance.

“You could see some of the people’s rights that were upheld by the supreme court being scaled back and that's the ultimate fear for people on the other side of the aisle,” says Hafner.

You'll remember in 2008, when President Obama first took office, Democrats had control which helped him pass Obamacare but two years later, they lost some of that power.

So, if you're still concerned, remember every two years members of Congress are up for re-election, so that's your time to voice your opinion and push for change.