TAMPA -- Tampa mayor, Bob Buckhorn, took to social media to announce he will not run for governor of Florida in 2018.

He made his decision based on many factors:

Buckhorn says he doesn't want to miss out on important family events and moments with his two daughters, Grace and Colleen and to pursue an "all-consuming" 18-month campaign.

Buckhorn also made it clear he loved his job and said, "Finishing Tampa's next chapter is more important than starting mine. Absent extenuating circumstances, I intend to finish the job I was hired to do and prepare Tampa for the great things that are about to occur."

He said he's honored by the hundreds of people who have encouraged him to run. He went on to say he has a job he loves and is confident there will be a number of good candidates on the democratic side which he says will lend his voice to help get them voted into office.

He posted the statement to Facebook:

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