ST. PETERSBURG — There’s plenty of conversation inside Tim’s Barber Shop in St. Pete. And with less than two weeks until election day, you can bet the topic of America’s next president is bound to come up.

“I’ve got two options… I can vote for Clinton, I can vote not Clinton… and I’m voting not Clinton,” said one customer getting his hair cut Wednesday afternoon.

“If somebody knows your neighbor is a Trump fan, you’re probably like 'they’re crazy',” said a man in the next chair.

While customers clearly take sides, the talk in public is much more civil than what you might find online in the social media comments. But not always.

“The comments that you’ll see in the feed, you’ll still see that here too,” said a barber who tries keeping the peace when customers start getting riled up. “We’re like… ahhh let’s change the subject.”

“You’ve got so many people just going off spewing their worst opinions on why your opinion is wrong basically,” said Steve Bueker as he scanned through Facebook comments while waiting for his haircut.

Among the comments about Wednesday’s Clinton rally in Tampa we found these zingers.

“Maybe she’ll eat a poisoned cake”

“Largest group of mentally handicapped I’ve seen in a long time”

“I thought Red Tide was bad… the smell will only get worse”

“I think online you’re hiding behind the keyboard,” said Bueker reading through comments. “You’re not standing in a room full of people who are holding you accountable for what you’re saying.”

There’s plenty of Trump bashing too including these we also found online:

“Get back on your plane and fall out the sky”

“They’re basically asking me to help put the devil in the White House.”

It seems many have more to say about the person they won’t be voting for.

“Most people in this election aren’t voting for their guy to win, they’re voting for the other guy to lose,” said Bueker.

Whatever your side, 2016 will likely be remembered for its emotion, anger and polarization. The question now… what will people talk about after November 8th?