ST PETERSBURG — This country has centuries of protests under its belt; from the Boston Tea Party to the March on Washington. But we wanted to know what you think today about the folks that are out there protesting Donald Trump as President.

Are they dividing or uniting our country?

“I think it's dividing our nation with all these protests,” Michelle Saucier said. “I think we should come together as a nation, we've been through so many elections before and I don't think it should divide us anymore. We just go through it and live our lives.”

We spent the day asking people like you about folks protesting the results of this election: do you think they are uniting or dividing us?

“I feel they're dividing [us], but I'd like to elaborate if I could,” said Lawrence Weglarz. “I don't feel that that is going to help our country by protesting that you or your person lost an election. I think it's time to come together and accept the facts and accept our form of government and our democracy and move on.”

“As long as we can come together as a country, and figure out what we want, stop the hate and unify as one, then that's going to be helpful,” said Kressida Young.

But not everyone thinks lumping protesters into two camps - dividing or uniting our country - is really that simple.

“When I walked by and I saw people holding up the sign that said divided or united. It just kind of made me think it's dividing us even more. Having people take a stance is important, but everybody has their way of healing and dealing with things,” said Briana Attalla.

One thing everyone we talked to agreed on - whether through protest or not - they want this country uniting toward a better and brighter future.