SAFETY HARBOR --- Sunday night’s presidential debate is still following the Clinton campaign. As former President Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of his wife at the Safety Harbor Community Center, protesters interrupted. They shouted, “You’re supporting a rapist” to Clinton supporters while holding up signs.

Clinton didn’t flinch.

“Give them a hand. They’ve had a really bad week,” President Clinton told the crowd.

The outburst followed Trump’s show prior to the debate. He invited four women, who in the past have accused the former president of sexual misconduct, to be in the audience.

Undecided voter Phillip Birnez says Clinton’s reaction to the protesters likely won Hillary his vote.

“I don’t think that’s the direction I want to have my next future president be,” said Birnez of the Trump supporters.

Already-decided Clinton voters say they have had enough of the disruptive behavior.

Michael O’Connor brought his four young children with him to see President Clinton campaign. He says what his children are hearing this election is too much.

“There’s mudslinging and then there’s what happened just now. That’s pretty awful,” said O’Connor.

Susan Lylis agrees.

“That’s not the issue. The issue is who’s going to make the better president?” said Lylis.

During his 45-minute speech, Clinton talked about education, energy and the economy. He laid out his wife’s plans for each and reminded the audience that if Florida goes blue, Hillary will win the White House.

“The one thing her opponent said in the debate, I’ll take it and it was right: She’ll never quit on you, so don’t you quit on her. Bring Florida home and it’ll be over,” he said.

On Wednesday, Clinton will campaign in Colorado before heading to Las Vegas.