You've seen poll after poll this election season, many showing different results. One day they favor Hillary Clinton and the next, Donald Trump.

Nearly every day a new poll comes out a different result leaving voters wondering what to believe.

“You don't know which one is legit. everyone has their own little poll that they're doing, so that's why I don't pay any attention to it,” says Chuck Zopfi.

10News WTSP does its own local poll

“Who knows what's true and what's not,” says Chantel Alomar. “I know what I believe in and what I'm gonna do.”

It's simple. I don't believe nobody,” says Jennifer.

10News WTSP Political Expert Dr. Lars Hafner says there are a few you can trust.

“Where you get into trouble is people who refer to online polling. Online polling is not legitimate and not very well accepted,” says Hafner.

These online polls are surveys, which means only a select number of people are participating and there are hundreds of them online.

Many times the computer can multiply votes so it's even more skewed.

Hafner suggests you look to sites like

It gathers all the presidential polls from 5 national news outlets and merges them into one. He says it's never wise to rely on only one poll.

“You get a better feel about where that race stands at the moment in time,” says Hafner.

Hafner says while polls can be skewed, it gives the presidential nominees a better look at how they can improve to win the election and what states they need to put all their resources in.

Adding to the trouble of getting a good sample of opinions is the lack of landlines.

More of you use your mobile phones and screen your calls.

When President Barack Obama was elected back in 2008, 8 in 10 households had landlines. Now it's five or less.