ST. PETERSBURG - At Pasco-Hernando State College, Hilary Clinton took the stage with a former Miss Universe.

A week before Election Day, the two were hoping their message spoke loudly to women and Hispanic voters.

Meanwhile, former president Bill Clinton made a stop in south St. Pete speaking to a diverse group focusing his speech on the black vote.

“This is about who we are as a country,” said Bill Clinton.

The minority vote is critical to both the Clinton and Trump campaigns. A census bureau report found in the 2012 presidential election showed that black voter turnout exceeded that of non-Hispanic whites.

“I live in south St. Pete,” said Wanza Vinson.

But Vinson says she doesn't believe the candidates have addressed questions impacting the black community.

“No one’s answering questions. No one,” she noted.

Recent reports also show that the minority vote is down - a reason why the Clinton campaign is pushing hard to spread the message to get out and vote.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm and minorities know that. We expect to have a good turnout,” says Ken Welch, Pinellas County Commissioner and an African-American.