ST. PETERSBURG — Everything in this election boils down to the next 24 hours. And candidates are bringing out the big guns in the final moments.

Hillary Clinton pulled out all the stops Monday trying to enlist as much star power as possible -- Joe Biden and Jimmy Buffett, for instance, capped off her final campaign rally of the season by imploring supporters to go out and vote.

Between 2,000 and 3,000 people were there to rally for Clinton and emotions were running high this close to the finish line.

The crowd argued with a heckling Trump supporter before heading inside the venue.

Monday was the final push to get undecided voters out the door and into a voting booth.

The Clinton and Trump campaigns know it all likely comes down to Florida. If Hillary Clinton wins here, it is mathematically over for Donald Trump.

That's why her campaign is enlisting Beyoncé, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Bon Jovi as well as Buffett, trying to energize the electorate.

We talked to one parrothead Monday who's now seen Buffett 35 times.

“It's not only my love of Jimmy Buffett and being here for 35 concerts, but it's also about Hillary Clinton and her getting elected (Tuesday) and being that first woman president.

"And being one of our best presidents of all time,” said Clinton supporter Brandon Zawacki dressed in a straw skirt with a lei.

The race is still deadlocked in the latest state poll, so some might wonder why Clinton herself wasn’t there.

The answer is in the math. Florida had such a long early voting period that half of the electorate is already in the bank.

Clinton thus spent time in swing states with no early voting such as Pennsylvania Monday night.