The Department of Homeland Security says "all hands are on deck" to protect our election from a cyber-attack.

America's top intelligence officials say they expect Russian hackers, or others, to at least try to disrupt the process, but whether or not they will be successful is the big question.

The government is so concerned about a possible cyber hack, that the Department of Homeland Security, Justice Department, FBI, Pentagon, and CIA have all brought in extra staff to hunt for possible threats.

Here are the top 5 cyber threats they are concerned about today:
1- Hackers stealing emails and documents and handing them over to sites like WikiLeaks to throw a wrench in the election.
2- Interfering with voter registration, like changing your address in your registration and when you go to vote today your ID doesn't match.
3- Manipulating the info given to the media to report results.
4- Interrupting the internet so you can't get online to find your polling place, or the creation of fake social media sites
5- Tinkering with the actual voting machines... but security experts say that's the least likely hack.

The good news is voting machines aren't connected to the internet, so there's only an extremely slim chance that hackers could alter the physical outcome of today's election.

As everyone heads out to vote, the Department of Homeland Security is saying you should leave the worrying up to them.

They say go out, vote, and don't let the fear of a big hack keep you from having your voice heard.