TAMPA — Hillary Clinton working hard for the early vote here in Florida; especially in Tampa Bay.

Clinton knows if she can win Florida, and Hillsborough County in particular, she can make it nearly impossible for Donald Trump to win this election.

The race in Florida is still very tight though, Donald Trump is up just two points in the latest poll from Bloomberg -- still within the margin of error. But listen to what Clinton has to say about how much the future is up to your vote.

“We can’t make any of this happen without your vote,” Clinton said. “Let’s prove once and for all that love Trumps hate.”

Clinton is serious about the early vote -- even telling the crowd that staffers were on hand to help them vote early in downtown Tampa right after her rally.

And she made a bold promise on stage. If election, she said she would bring high speed rail to Florida and Tampa Bay.

Clinton supporters like Patricia Canevari, who is out at her first rally ever today, don't want to take a chance on Trump.

She and the other few thousand people who lined up blocks down the street to get into the afternoon rally say it all comes down to your vote right now.

“We are in a very tight race. We must support her and it's important and we're here to make sure that we vote,” she said. “And everybody needs to vote. We don't want the world Trumped. I can't imagine. Not for me, but for my family. I'm here for them,” Canevari said.

Clinton also focused hard on the down ballot candidates -- with especially high praise for Congressman Patrick Murphy who is running against Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate.