ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Amendment 5 is pretty simple. Do you want to give a tax break to help low-income seniors?

A yes vote means a person who is 65 or older, makes less than $20,000, and has a house valued at no more than $250,000 can get a break on their property taxes.

Once they apply - the tax break is fixed for that home value.

So, even if their home value increases those seniors will still get a tax break.

This is only for cities and counties that have already adopted the ordinance, so it's pretty narrow.

I called Sarasota County, it has no one eligible for the tax break right now and only had a handful last year.

In Pasco, it hasn't even adopted the ordinance, so no one there is eligible either.

But in Hillsborough about 4,500 seniors could benefit.

A vote no would make low-income seniors re-apply every year for their tax break and could mean some would be priced out of the exemption if their property value increased.