TAMPA, FL -- It has been 16 years since Florida’s voting mishaps in the 2000 election, but the wounds are still fresh.

"I remember going to bed thinking Al Gore had won and woke up the next morning and surprised he hadn’t and then there were all the problems that followed with the hanging chads and so forth," said Kathleen Armstrong, a Florida voter.

This election between major party nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be close. It doesn’t help that this week, the FBI confirmed an attempted hack on Florida’s voting system.

"Hopefully, it’s something that’s been looked into, investigated, and make sure that you know it’s a fair election," said Alicia Bailey, another Florida voter.

According to our partners at the Tampa Bay Times, the FBI held an emergency conference call with the state’s 67 county election supervisors about the hack.

"We’re expecting a really robust turn out," said Craig Latimer, the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections.

Now, they’re on high alert.

But, Latimer believes this won’t be an issue because it’d be kind of hard to hack a system that’s not online.

"In the state of Florida, it’s law, my election server cannot be connected to the internet or to my intranet in any way, shape or form. It’s a total stand-alone server with no connection to the outside world," he said.

And, more importantly.

"We have paper ballots and we retain those ballets. We can always recreate an election by going back, getting all the ballots again just like we do when we do the manual recount."

When it comes to the election – the one thing you can control – is getting out to vote.

"I'm definitely making it to the polling station to make sure my vote is counted," Bailey added.