After a bitter battle in the race for the U.S. Senate from Florida, Republican incumbent Marco Rubio holds on to his seat.

Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy says he reached out to congratulate Rubio, urging him to unite and fight for Floridians.

“The people of Florida have spoken. At the end of the day, I respect their choice. Hey, we put everything I had into the fight,” says Murphy. The crowd cheers, “We love you, Patrick!”

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Murphy thanked supporters at the election night event in Palm Beach Gardens and says he’s proud of a hard fought campaign.

“I'm so proud of the campaign we are able to build together as a team. Senator Rubio and I have our differences. You saw the debates. We have our differences. At this point, it's important we come together and do what's best for Florida,” says Murphy.

Murphy’s backers blame being outspent on attack ads and Rubio's name recognition.

“It’s a shame, because I think Marco Rubio has done a horrible job in the Senate. I don't think he represents Floridians the way you should. He's really been a part of this divide versus unite,” says supporter Charles Fernandez.

“It's disappointing but obviously Rubio had a larger following,” says supporter Devon Harris.

“I hope he (Rubio) just holds up and comes through for Florida like Patrick would have,” says supporter Brian Brennan.

Murphy isn't saying what's next for him after this loss.

He'll finish out his term as representative for Florida's 18th Congressional District.