ST. PETERSBURG — Sparks fly during the first U.S. Senate debate here in Florida --- in a race a new Quinnipiac poll says is too close to call.

Marco Rubio pledging to serve out his 6-year-term if re-elected and leveled some serious accusations against Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy.

“There's only one person on this stage tonight whose family made millions of dollars in partnership with Donald Trump, and that's you,” Rubio said. “This is like the third time tonight that you somehow implied that I don't respect women. Congressman, you're the one that posted a picture 4 years on Facebook of you groping a woman. That's inappropriate behavior.”

In a sit down interview with 10News political reporter Mark Rivera, Murphy is firing back against those attacks.

RIVERA: Two lines of attack that Marco Rubio brought up against you ... the first one was that your family profited millions of dollars working in tandem with Donald Trump. is there any truth to that?

MURPHY: No. No truth at all. Sen. Rubio again trying to distract from the truth. We have never done business with Donald Trump. So, Marco Rubio's continuing to lie and trying to distract from his terrible record. And I think he's a little bit nervous about his support of Donald Trump and that's why he's trying to do this.

RIVERA: There's a photo he brought up with your hand in an awkward position that you're sitting next to. He called it groping. Is that a fair assessment?

MURPHY: Look. When Donald Trump goes low, Marco Rubio goes even lower. This was a picture taken with my girlfriend of four years at dinner. And it's no doubt that Sen. Marco Rubio is going to try to distract from his endorsement of Donald Trump. And he doubled down on his endorsement of Donald Trump even after it came out that he is a sexual abuser ... a serial sexual abuser to say the least.

We did try to speak to Rubio this past weekend while he was in Tampa. His campaign declined our request for a 1-on-1 interview.

The next senate debate is one week from Wednesday at Broward College.

10News WTSP will bring you a complete breakdown.