"I said unbelievable. She took my sign and I was mad," said Lisa Eshkov.

Check it out again. It was Oct. 30 when two people cruise up in a golf cart, a woman sneaks to the small Hillary Clinton sign, snatches it up and the two take off.

Eshkov said, "I just chalked it up to political shenanigans."

Eshkov put another Clinton sign out and this past Sunday night what appears to be the same golf cart with the same people stopped and a woman grabbed the new sign.

"Except this time she wasn't wearing any pants and she was barefooted if I would have known that maybe I would have put a little trap out there," said Eshkov.

After having two campaign signs lifted from her yard in just a few days, Eshkov chose another way to deter would-be thieves. By making her own sign out of big heavy plywood, much more difficult to snag with a golf cart.

"I'd like to see her get that on her golf cart and if she does try there just might be a surprise there," Eshkov said.

Eshkov's neighborhood has plenty of Donald Trump signs.

"They've been very vocal about putting their Trump signs out and I haven't noticed any of them disappearing," said Eshkov.

She feels it has to be one of her neighbors.

"Clearly she lives in my neighborhood, she's driving a golf cart that means she's one of my neighbors and that means my neighbor stole from me," Eshkov said. "I really, really want her to be caught. I'm going to follow it through the whole way, she needs to be embarrassed and she needs to be taught that you can't take what's not yours."

Eshkov says she will be happy to see this campaign sign stealing election come to an end.

If you recognize the people in the video contact the Pasco Sheriff's Office.