Tonight, Bernie Sanders is coming off of a major upset win over Hillary Clinton before they square off in just a few hours in Miami.

But if the upsets keep coming, could Bernie Sanders actually win the Democratic nomination?

10News is breaking down the numbers for you tonight.

Bernie Sanders will no doubt claim a big victory on the stage in Miami over Hillary Clinton in Michigan. But we’ve run the numbers, and even if Sanders somehow wins all of the states he’s targeted for March 15th - OHIO with 143 delegates, Illinois 156, Missouri with 71, and even North Carolina with 107 delegates, that will still put him behind Clinton to win the nomination.

10News political expert Dr. Lars Hafner says it’s not a done deal yet, but it looks mathematically impossible for Bernie Sanders to win.

When 10News spoke to the Clinton campaign earlier today, that’s what they are banking on.

Realistically, if even Sanders does beat Hillary in a few states voting on March 15th, Democratic delegates are awarded proportionally, and Clinton is a tough contender against Sanders in all of the states heading forward.

And she’s polling towards a big win here in Florida.

The candidates will take the stage in just a few hours at 9 o’clock and we’ll have a live breakdown of the debate from coming up at 11.