MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. -- What’s happening this election season is being watched by voters too young to go to the polls.

10News WTSP sat down with our students from Bayshore High School in Manatee County -- two seniors, a junior and a freshman ranging in age from 14 to 18 years old.

We asked what is their first thought when they hear the words “Election 2016'?

“Hectic,” says Reesie Karkoff, 18, senior.

“Drama,” says Mariah Sanchez, 14, freshman.

“Contested,” adds Joshua Adler, 17, senior.

“Racial tension,” says Oscar Portillo, 16, junior.

What the candidates say and do or not is leaving an impression on these teens starting with the personal attacks.

Reesie says, “The back and forth drama who did this who did that.”

Too much bickering? “Yes, not enough what they want to do for us as a whole,” answers Reesie.

Three of the four say neither presidential candidate is a good role model.

“Both candidates don’t represent our country.”

“They’re not listening to either side.”

"More focused on what it will do for them a popularity contest.

Reesie is 18 and was excited about voting for the first time except now she says, “I’m disappointed.”

She’s followed the candidates and watched the debates and gone back and forth on a candidate. “It’s the lesser of two evils is who I will vote for,” says Reesie.

Oscar says despite this unusual election season he still wants to run for office one day.

“I believe there should be a voice for people who believe in progress,” says Oscar.

As for this election, the students send the candidates this message.

“Our country is about us becoming equal … equality,” says Mariah.

Reesie adds, “It’s about what they want to do or feels right. It’s about what we need the people need to do as a whole to continue to progress.”