ST. PETERSBURG — Everything in the most unorthodox race for the White House in history boils down to these next two days.

10News Political Reporter Mark Rivera and Political Expert Lars Hafner break down what you can expect in these crucial 48 hours.

RIVERA: We've seen candidates crisscrossing the state and in all sorts of other battlegrounds, what can we expect in the next two days?

HAFNER: Certainly we’re going to see the candidates and their surrogates here in Florida because Florida is the game changer. If Hillary Clinton is able to pull out the state of Florida she wins the election. Donald Trump has to keep it in play for his narrow road to an electoral college victory.

What's interesting strategy here Mark is the idea that they are still coming back into Florida both campaigns because Florida is an early-vote state and so a lot of votes have already been cast here.

RIVERA: What it comes down to is what Floridians will do on November 8th,
How much of a difference does that make because we have had such a large early voting period?

HAFNER: Well, and there's mixed results. A lot of people are saying the Democrats have an edge in Florida now because of the early voting. Republicans say 'no, no, no, we're doing better'. So it's still a tossup. There's a lot of angst in both campaigns to certainly be able to turn out their voters.

Hillsborough county in particular – the way they go tends to go the United States. So we will be watching Tampa, Hillsborough, Pinellas, St. Petersburg, Orange County and Orlando - basically are the counties and the areas to watch in Florida. Those trends will tell us not early on, but will be the first signs for who will win Florida.

Donald Trump will be in Sarasota at 11:00 tomorrow morning. Joe Biden and Jimmy Buffett will host an evening concert for Hillary Clinton in St. Petersburg.

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