TAMPA, Fla. — From excited to scared and every emotion in between we’re hearing all types of reactions to the results of Tuesday night’s election.

On the evening after the election, with the results finally sinking in, we wanted to hear from some of the Bay area’s youngest voters -- students at the University of South Florida.

We placed a dry erase board in the center of campus and asked students to sound off using one word to describe their thoughts on the result.

From positive to negative and some who just weren’t sure we got lots of responses.

Words like “awesome” and “hurt” and our personal favorite, “gobsmacked," which one student defined as taking “astounded and bewildered, throw them in a blender on high and pour out.”

In just about an hour, every available inch of the dry erase board was filled up with one-word reactions to the election of Donald Trump.

Here’s a picture of what the board looked like at the end.

USF students were asked to use one word to react to Donald Trump. WTSP photo