Sarasota, Florida -- From the countless campaign signs and negative TV ads, many of us have lots to say about this election season.

This election season can be described in many ways. Hmm, stressful, different. We want to know what you think. With paper and pen in hand, 10News WTSP asked voters who were early voting at the Sarasota Supervisor of Elections Office to write downone word describing what this election has felt like to them

Words used: "difficult," "turmoil," "dramatic" and "crazy."

“It’s crazy ... been exhausting,” says one voter.

“Just one word?” asks Carolyn Raynor. Tough?

Margaret Haber answers, “Amen!”

Haber says, “It has been consuming!

“Chaotic!” adds Raynor.

“I’ve watched it every day for a year and a half,” explains Haber.

Raynor says the chaos has hurt voters. She says, “There’s been nothing good all bashing. I don’t like that I’m sick of it.”

"Crazy" came up a couple of times. One voter named Casey’s second choice to describe the election was “circus.” “It’s a circus election. ... We have two candidates who should not be running for president.”

“Surreal,” says Allen. "Because it seems like Alice in Wonderland everything is backwards.”

One voter needed three words.

Michael White wrote, “Voter Anxiety 2016.” White says, “Because all of us will be glad when this election is over.”

More than a dozen voters were questioned and no one had anything positive to say about this election season.