ST. PETERSBURG – Despite an abundance of media coverage and widespread familiarity with both major presidential candidates, there are still a number of undecided voters with less than a month left in the race.

Many blame a lack of affinity for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but if that apathy manifests itself in voters staying home on election day it may end up tipping the scales - toward Clinton - inadvertently.

“For people like me, we're jaded to this kind of thing at this point, and so part of us just wants to see the whole thing go down anyhow,” said one disgruntled potential voter in Ybor City.

"I know I'm not going to vote for Hillary and I know I'm not going to vote for Trump, even though I'm a registered Republican,” said another.

“We have seen the negatives of both candidates being so high and outweighing the positives of any candidates,” said political analyst Dr. Lars Hafner. “This really hurts voter morale. But one of those two are going to be our president and we’re hoping that enough people will come out and vote to at least have a say in the election because, bottom line, this is going to be your president for the next four years.”

“They don’t want to vote for either of the top two candidates so the indecisiveness may come down to will they choose the lesser of two evils?" Hafner added. "And in most cases that means the vote will go to Hillary Clinton.

"(The indecisive voter) probably is someone who is going to take away from Donald Trump in the fact that they are Republican and don’t want to vote for Donald Trump but they can’t pull themselves to poll for Hillary Clinton.”