All of us have issues we feel passionate about. So we want to know: which issue swayed your presidential vote the most? Immigration? National security? Health care?

10News WTSP took that question to the streets and got a variety of answers.


“I just feel that women have the right to do what they want with their bodies,” says voter Jeremy Plofsky.

Supreme Court justices:

“I'm ready for a big huge change. I'm tired of seeing where this county is going,” says voter Stephanie Andrews. “So, yes I'm praying hard that the perfect leader will get in place and take care of this nation and love the people.”

College tuition:

“Extremely expensive going to a 4-year school. I want to see in my lifetime the ability to go to college for free,” says first-time voter, Michael Stickler.

Failing schools, Jobs:

“Job's, there is not a lot of jobs for people to be successful in,” says voter Laura Williams. “The schools. The schools are failing and to me I feel like all the money is going towards where? We don't have no supplies and all the schools in the black community they all have F’s; the teachers are pretty much fed up.”


“I fell and shoved my backbone into my head and that was the first injury that ruined my neck and my back and I've have three stokes and I'm still fighting for disability,” says voter Susan Laskaris.

Climate change:

“Climate change and global warning, we haven’t heard anything about the environment,” says voter Lisa Lovett. “I think it's a world issue not just for our county and I would like to see America at the forefront taking that cause on and making our planet strong safe and healthy.”

Voters with different issues they feel passionately about but one thing in common -- they all want change this presidential term.