The craziest presidential campaign in modern history is coming to an end (hopefully) tonight! Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Who will win the Senate? We will have all the latest right here as the votes are counted. In the meantime, here’s what’s happening so far:

Slew of (not too competitive) states called

Both Trump and Clinton picked up expected wins in a slew of states that have not been competitive in the polls.

But neither has notched a key battleground state victory yet. The race remains too close to call in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia, among others.

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Republicans win two key Senate races, Dem pickup in Illinois

In Florida, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio bested Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy to win re-election, projections show. In Indiana, GOP Rep. Todd Young topped former Democratic senator Evan Bayh to fill the seat vacated by retiring Republican Sen. Dan Coats.

Democratic Rep. Tammy Duckworth ousted Republican Sen. Mark Kirk in Illinois. Duckworth is a two-term congresswoman and a veteran who lost both legs in Iraq. Kirk suffered a massive stroke in 2012, and a recent Illinois poll found voters did not believe he had recovered enough to perform his Senate duties.

Several more other key Senate races have yet to be called, including in Nevada, Missouri, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

W. votes none of the above

George W. Bush left the presidential portion of his ballot blank, Carly Mallenbaum reports:

"A spokesperson for the Bush family, Freddy Ford, told USA TODAY that the 43rd president and former First Lady Laura Bush voted 'None of the Above' for President, and went Republican for the rest of the ballot."
More on that here.

One dead, several injured after shooting near polling place

USA TODAY's Melanie Eversley has the latest:

"A gunman shot several people Tuesday in the Azusa community of Los Angeles County, killing one, scattering would-be voters, and forcing a lock-down of two polling sites.

"Up to five people may have been injured."

The shooter was cornered in a standoff, according to police.

A (mostly) burned out electorate

While we wait for all of the official polls to close, here’s what we know from an early survey of voters: They just want it to be finished already.

A Morning Consult/Politico poll of voters found them feeling this way:

• 85% Just want it to be over
• 72% Anxious
• 71% Nervous
• 53% Angry
• 50% Sad
• 48% Overwhelmed
• 39% Depressed
• 29% Proud
• 25% Happy

They also found that 36% said they wanted a strong leader, while 29% said they favored a candidate with a vision for the future. Only 16% want someone who cares about them or shares their values.

Not too burned out to tweet

Twitter reports that 25 million tweets were sent about the election between midnight and 6 p.m. Eastern.

Let them eat...

Trump cake!

After someone sent the cake to Trump tower earlier, the Internet went crazy.

Meanwhile, at the polls …

Things got a bit, well, heated, in some polling spots. There were plenty of reports of long lines and voting snafus, which are typical of such large elections, as Richard Wolf and Kevin McCoy report.

There were some scattered reports of skirmishes:

In New York, two women staged a topless protest inside a polling place, one with “hate out of my polls” written across her chest and the other with “Trump grab your balls" written on hers.

The women, Tiffany Jordan Robson, 28, of Seattle, and Neda Topaloski, 30, of Montreal, received summonses for electioneering within 100 feet of a polling place.

Trump booed

The real estate mogul was greeted by jeers and boos outside his polling place.

When he got inside, he appeared to sneak a peek at his wife’s ballot, leading some to question whether he trusted her to vote for him.

Jeb Bone!

Ken Bone, of the Bone Zone, K-Bone, etc., the overnight sensation who asked a question about energy and wore a screaming red sweater during a presidential debate, did indeed sign a sponsorship deal with IZOD, which paid for his own Election Day emoji on Twitter.

Apparently, someone else is now looking for a similar deal.