Who knows you better than someone you've roomed with? Well, a former roommate of Senator Tim Kaine has a lot to dish about the vice presidential contender.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Charles Hirschhorn detailed various facts about Kaine from his memories of when the pair shared a four-bedroom rental house 35 years ago.

Here's the bulk of what you need to know: Kaine makes a mean bowl of ramen, he has no fashion sense and he does not like cleaning the bathroom.

However, other than the fact that Kaine may or may not have had a do-rag collection at one point, he's got his merits.

Hirschhorn made a meaningful mention of how Kaine has a deep commitment to social justice and always wants to find common ground.

His Facebook post has received 15,000 likes and well over 2,000 shares. (The media has found you Charles.)

Check it out below: